3 Powerful Reasons to Take Mold Seriously

When it comes to mold, most people are more than willing to turn the other cheek. If you aren't selling your house anytime soon and your kids seem fine, you might assume that you have weeks, months, or even years to take care of the problem—but you should actually call a mold abatement team as soon as possible. Here are three powerful reasons to take mold seriously and how professionals can help.

There Might Be More Than You Think

Although you might not worry about a little mold spot here or there, the mere presence of mold indicates a problem that might run much deeper than you suspect. Research has shown that mold and mildew can start developing as soon as 24–48 hours after water exposure, which means your home might be teeming with dangerous spores.

Mold thrives in damp, damp places like bathrooms, moist carpet, and even inside walls where drips have been present. In areas that are left undisturbed, mold colonies can grow incredibly large in a short period of time, quickly filling the air with additional spores that can travel to new places in your home.

Fortunately, professional mold abatement teams have an arsenal of tools they can use to detect mold, including moisture meters, indoor air quality filters, and even infrared cameras to detect stark temperature changes within walls. After conducting a mold inspection, professionals can talk with you about your abatement solutions.

The Health of Your Family

When it comes to lingering health threats, most people are quick to point out the power of the human immune system. Unfortunately, mold affects everyone differently, which means the airborne spores you barely notice could be causing a long list of symptoms for a friend or family member.

For some people, inhaling mold might mean a slight allergic response that involves watery eyes, itchy skin, or a runny nose, while other people might experience nosebleeds, severe headaches, and difficulty breathing. Severe responses include conditions like mucormycosis, which leads to severe infections that can destroy the structure of your face.

To prevent serious side effects stemming from mold growth inside of your home, pay attention to any new health symptoms you, your family members, or your guests might be dealing with. If you notice a sudden onset of symptoms that could be stemming from mold, talk with your doctor and schedule a mold inspection.

Keep in mind that people who live in humid environments are more likely to have mold in their homes, and that folks with a medical history of allergies are more likely to struggle with mold-related symptoms. Understand your risks so that you can identify and address issues as soon as possible.

Your Home Valuation

Since mold can be difficult to spot and have such a dramatic effect on house inhabitants, the mere presence of mold can impact the value of your home if you ever decide to move.

In fact, research has shown that mold causes an average devaluation of between 17 and 23%. To put that number into perspective, your $300,000 home might only be worth between $231,000 and $249,000 if the buyers or home inspectors discover mold. In addition to impacting the sales price of your home, mold could also tempt potential buyers to look elsewhere.

Although you will be required to disclose previous problems with mold to potential home buyers, being able to show that you worked with a professional abatement team could help you to restore confidence in your home. If you have mold inside of your house, work with experienced, professional mold remediation teams who provide paperwork showing your problem has been dealt with properly.

If you need professional mold remediation to restore your home to its original glory, contact Safe-Way Waterproofing & Mold Remediation. With more than 50 years of experience and a large service area, we can help you with everything from emergency water removal and mold cleanup to waterproofing.